19 February 10

How to Beat Your Competition

Competition is crucial for any industry but how do you stand out from the crowd?

If you have received my free report then you will know the 1st thing I say is-

Know your competition! Know their target market, their stock, their price point and the customer service they deliver. Make a point to visit the stores and get a feel for what they do 1st hand.
Be authentic DO NOT take their ideas, get inspiration but know the difference from ideas and mimicking.

Once you know your competition FORGET THEM!

This is where a lot a business go wrong, they focus on there competitors.

Know them, then forget them….

Once they become your focus you are forgetting what it is YOU are doing and why you’re business is great.

Why is your business great? It has you, you make it great.

If look at any success business the owner, the core person is at the forefront the business the driving force of what makes it great! I’m not talking micro managing, I’m a control freak but I hate micro management. I hate micro managing and I hate being micro managed. Know your business inside and out even if you outsource elements you still have to know it and understand.
1, You know when you are getting ripped off

2, You get an idea about the time it takes to do something. e.g Have you ever received a quote and thought “it doesn’t take that long” But it actually does and you are just unaware.

Knowledge is power! You never stop learning.

Only do what you love to do, if a task becomes something you no longer enjoy pass it on you are wasting vital energy.

You see it’s all about the energy you give and where choose to inject it.

If you inject it into your competition, you are wasting your vital energy because you can not control or change what they are doing. but what you can do is-

Create the best product and service in the market. That’s right concentrate on how you can better yourself and your product and how you deliver it.

Then you will beat your competition, by being the best you can be.

Sounds simple? It is, don’t complicate things by focusing on aspects you can not change only the ones you can.

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