12 October 11


Most women who have large breasts have at one time considered a breast reduction, bigger busts are heavy. It’s hard to find bras let alone a comfortable, supportive, pretty bra that gives you lift and do you even know what it’s like to have separation? I know because we got used to having a mono boob for ages, right? No wonder the lingerie companies got it wrong for so long, that’s a lot to master.

Over time most women with bigger busts will say to me “I want my boobs to look smaller, give me the minimiser bra” Let me get a few things straight about the minimiser bra-

  1. It doesn’t make your breasts look any smaller
  2. It’s big; you are limited with what you can wear.
  3. It’s ugly; they haven’t updated the style in the last 200 years.
  4. The material doesn’t breathe
  5. The underwires poke out on most women
  6. Did I mention it is the ugliest bra I have ever seen in my life! It’s worse then the gigantic contraption I had to wear when I was pregnant.

So how do you make your breasts look smaller without wearing a minimiser bra?

1.      Get a good Bra Fitting by someone who knows what they are doing.

2.      Find a Bra Shape that suits your body because your bra shape is just as important as your bra fit.

3.      Ensure the bra fit, ticks all the boxes:

  • Underwires sit flush against your chest,
  • The band fits snug around your back and even from front to back,
  • Your whole breast is in the cup no spillage no gapping,
  • Your nipple is half way between your shoulder and elbow
  • You should be able to fit two fingers under your bra straps, they shouldn’t dig in nor slide down.

Follow all of these steps and your breasts will look and feel smaller but more importantly you won’t feel the need to rip your bra off at the end of the day.

Give your girls a good home!



Great stores for Larger cup size bras: DeBras and Storm in D Cup

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  • Well done Renee! Getting 3 new bra’s tomorrow getting fitted at home properly!

  • braqueen

    YAY! Enjoy your new bras, how exciting I LOVE new bras 🙂 Rx

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