9 October 11

Have You Been Touched With Breast Cancer?

We all know someone who has been touched by Breast Cancer and while there has been amazing breakthroughs with Breast Cancer Research there is still a LONG way to go. This month represents BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and here at Bra Queen we are dedicated to support women on so many levels so we are doing two things. But first know this:

* 200,000 women are diagnosed with Cancer every year and 40,000 die.

* Accounts for 27% of ALL Cancers in Australia


    1. Reminding you to do a breast check: There is a great article here that shows you how to do breast check OR watch this video.


2. Help RAISE money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Buy a copy of my book AGENTS OF ACTION Diaries of the new age entrepreneur and ALL proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Usually $29.95 THIS WEEK ONLY $19.95 and ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation.











Thank you for your support!




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