24 March 15

Bras For Those Hard To Find Bra Sizes

There are women out there who find it extremely difficult to buy a bra, beyond the small back larger cup sizes and plus sizes.

If you’re a women who has a bra band size of 20 to 34 (AU) and a cup size way beyond a DD Cup… more like bra cup size of G, J or LL it can be very hard to find a bra. Yes, it can be bought online but seriously…. let’s face it; it’s a big risk.

What about the women who have a bra band size of 20 to 26 and have bra cup sizes of AA, A, B and C? That’s even MORE difficult.

Here are some bra’s that are for you!

Ewa Michalak Lingerie

Have the widest range of bra sizes, ranging from bra band sizes 8 to 26 (AU) and bra cups sizes AA to M.

Did you know that equates to 200 bras per style per color…. It is incredible!

Ewa Michalak Large band small cups


Ewa michalak lingerie australia


Goddess Lingerie Keira Soft Cup Bra

Bra Cup Sizes B to FF.

Band Size 18 to 34 (AU)


Keira Underwired Bra

16 to 26 Cups DD to JJ

 goddess lingerie keira underwire



Goddess Sports Bra Soft Cup

12 to 26 C to G


Elomi Lingerie

 16 to 24 Cups DD to JJ

 Elomi emily

Flatter Me Bras By Itty Bitty bra

Bra Cup Size AA, A to B

Bra Band Size 18 to 24 (AU)

small cup larger back bras

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  • MadamBipolar

    I have a symastia and 14g bra size, so it’s not easy but thanks for the links.

    • You will find these are great options! Enjoy x

  • David Swan

    Great I have lost ALL of my Bookmarks for Lingerie when our Computer crashed. 🙁
    We will have to start from scratch.

  • Great post…thanks for sharing large size.
    Check out here large collection of branded all types of BRA – au.shop.com/cashbackawards/Clothes/Bras-bra+sizes-3+?k=60

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