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17 October 11


What is the secret to living a happy life?

Creating a life you love everyday, doing what you love and surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. That is success, which is where happiness lies, it’s about you living your dream and aligning yourself with where you are now to where you want to go, then creating a map to get there. Whether you want to conquer the business world, have a couple of stores or have one store and still be able to do every else you need to do. You are a piece to this puzzle that helps our economy thrive and that is priceless!

I am so proud, excited and thrilled to able to launch the Her Success Summit. This summit will be fantastic for you, it will give you a chance to gain crystal clear clarity around your direction, ensure you have the right map to get you there AND Kat (my partner in crime) is the founder of Womens Web Marketing and let me tell you, she is blow me down out of this world awesome at creating traffic to your website. How to attract the right people to your business and convert them into paying customers, she can make your business SING. The content is amazing, I kid you not!

We have even received emails from our fellow business mentors saying “I think there is an error on your page because it’s only $95” true story! But it is right (despite my usual typos, spelling and grammar mistakes) it was a valid question I know.

It’s in Melbourne, it’s going be amazing, and a great chance to network, create a rock solid business model, turn your passion into profit and so much more. Get inspired, get massive insights on a variety of topics and there will be heaps of prizes to be won on the day. Check it out and if it’s something you would like to do, we would LOVE to see you there. Tickets are strictly limited and we are advertising next week so grab your ticket now and we will rock it out on11.11.11.


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