15 August 13

How To Make Amazing Things Happen & Have FUN!

Here’s the thing…I believe that if you want to manifest amazing things then you must appreciate what you already have. It’s all about mindset and looking on the bright side of life. You see while my head is in the clouds my feet are always planted firmly on the ground. You need a balance of being able to dream, visualise and manifest your desires as well as taking a savvy, strategic FUN approach to making them happen.

I’m a crazy like that! I like to surround myself with things that inspire me and make me feel good. I have vision boards and quotes every way and I say “Thank you thank you thank you at least 3 times a day for everything I have”

This year is all about bringing back the F.U.N Factor…. fulfillment, unity, now. You can have anything you want without sacrifice and you can have heaps of fun along the way…isn't that what life’s about? The destination is the end of the road so I am in no hurry to get there, therefore I am making sure I enjoy the journey and I suggest you do the same.

Today I started the #BQGratitudevideo which is going to be a daily video of what I am feeling immense gratitude for. Everybody can manifest and create an abundance of whatever they desire and this can help make it happen, it’s just the way the universe works. It will also help you build traction online and build your confidence so I encourage you to jump on board and have some fun!

A little while ago Instagram made it possible to film and publish 15 second videos. This is the platform I will be using to express and share my gratitude videos, it’s quick and easy so anyone can join in!

I am really looking forward to connecting with you and having some fun!

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram we are using the hashtag #BQGratitudevideo and you can find me on @braqueen.

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