8 April 14

Are You Getting Ripped Off Bra Shopping?

It’s funny when you look back and realise that every step, every decision, every moment in your life brings you to exactly where you are meant to be right now. There is something so totally freeing about that.

There is beauty and bliss in giving to others, seeing that light shine within when you’ve just been apart of sharing that experience when you empower others. To me lingerie is not just lingerie it’s what it gives women when they’re wearing it. In the ultimate bra fitting experience that is a vital piece to the bra shopping experience.

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If you aren’t getting that feeling when you go bra shopping or getting fitted for a bra then you’re getting ripped off. It’s like getting your hair done; you want to look in the mirror and say WOW. You feel your energy rise and the transformation have only just begun. It’s moving you from feeling it every now again to feeling that energy rise everyday, looking in the mirror and saying WOW everyday.

Research shows that continual “mirror” work changes your mindset and how you feel about yourself. It needs to be a ritual and it needs to be ongoing, it’s a life style you choose. So bra shopping isn’t just about buying a bra, when you buy a bra you buy confidence, you buy empowerment, you buy self-expectance and buy the ability to look in the mirror everyday and say WOW.

So when you’re in the fits and I say the transformation has just begun that it what I mean, you look good, you feel good and those two things alone changes how you see the world. You’re in perfect alignment and when you’re in perfect alignment everything happens effortlessly and easily. Suddenly your shoulders are back you’re feeling fine and ready to conquer the world.

So you see it’s really important that you experience this when you’re in the bra fitting rooms because it’s only your destiny we’re creating!

That is why it is so important to see diversity in lingerie and in our lingerie stores because every body is different. Within empowerment and self-expectance is owning your uniqueness. And that requires more variety in our lingerie stores!


And to you Woog my Knickers totally match my knockers 😉

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