13 March 14

February 2014 Frontline Australian Buying Event (FABE)

This is the first year that Fashion Exposed doesn’t have an intimate apparel section so it’s lovely to see some of our Lingerie Brands at Fab Event. We viewed our upcoming Spring/ Summer lingerie collections and it’s always lovely to connect and catch up with all things lingerie.

Something that we are passionate about at Bra Queen is connecting brands to retailers and vice versa. The more we work together and support each other the better the industry will be as a whole. Trade shows are great way to connect and get inspired about what’s happening in the industry therefore it is an area that we would love to see thrive. We have such a wide variety of lingerie available in Australia it would be amazing to see it under one roof.

Inside FABE

A heartfelt welcome back to Bella Bodies!

It was wonderful to see the return of Bella Bodies and I know there will be numerous women that are happy to see their return. We received so many emails asking us about Bella Bodies so it’s great they’re back.

Michel has spent a lot of time working on the business and the shapewear collection it looks amazing.

 photo 6

Lindy from Secret Weapons was there with her extensive range of must haves. Secret Weapons are moving into new warehouse because the product lines are going well which is awesome to see that good things happen to nice people.

secret weapons logo

Karen and Anne were there with their ginormous Panache lingerie and swimwear collection. The colour palette is amazing! With our favourite and trusty bra styles they have been reinvigorated with fresh, bright and divine materials. They will do very well this year because there is something for everyone.

Something I am beginning to see is there are no limitations on colours anymore; we aren’t constricted to using certain colours at certain times of years. Lingerie designers are free to be inspired to whatever direction they want to go which is really cool.

Panache Lingerie 2014


panache lingerie 2014


We welcome NEONTIDE (love the name and logo)

They have a strong colour way and unique designs so I think they will do well.

 neontide logo

Powerhouse Bendon were there with big greeting smiles. Fayreform have a color way that their buyers respond well too and styles that they know and love. Pleasure State has a strong collection with strong designs that always goes well in store.

As an overall we are seeing lots of strong colours with no one obvious theme, I think each brand understands their customers and have delivered a range that they will love.

pleasure state 2014


We’ll be interviewing some of our successful Retailers and brands over the next coming weeks so stay tuned!






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