17 September 13

Freya Lingerie 2013/14


Secondly: Whoa man! I am just digging the slow release of the lines that Eveden are doing. So smart! It is better for the brand, the retailers and the customers AND that is why they are at the forefront of the industry. Kudos to you my friends…Leaders!

OK back to Freya…

I want to swear but I won’t. WHOA! I love this collection. The color way is hot and the designs are amazing.

Two items have me jumping out of my skin with excitement.

This little Marvel…


Marvel is her name BUT also what she is (in my opinion). For the first time ever Freya Lingerie have released a bra with a side panel… Yep that is what I am super excited about! You see I love me a side panel, when you have a larger bust your boobs like to sit under your armpits. When a bra has a side panel (and not many do) they give your breasts forward projection and a beautiful shape. Now when I say forward projection I am not talking Madonna cone bra, I am talking lovely, shapely breasts. I NEED this bra…in every color!

The second Freya Bra I am really excited about is their new Sports Bra. Most sports bras don’t have enough room in the straps to tighten them.  When you have small shoulders or high set breasts they are already tightest they can go so they don’t last very long. But the new Freya Sports bra has heaps of room to tighten the straps. Winner!


The entire Freya Lingerie 2013/14 collection has something for everyone but here are some my fav’s.




Deco in Cobalt



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