25 April 14

A Review Of Freya Active Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra

Over the last few weeks I have been giving the new Freya sports bra a trial run, if you’re a larger cup gal that likes to exercise then you’ll know it can be hard to find a super supportive sports bra.

I took my 10HH (32HH) boobs and went off to the gym to see what I could do with this baby (the new Freya Active moulded crop top sports bra only goes up to H Cup so I got the 12H).

First thoughts:

It’s true to size and it is very comfortable, it’s well structure and the material feels nice on your skin. You can wear it as a bra or you can clip the straps for more support and it becomes a racerback.

Freya Active Sports Research

Yoga: I wore it as a traditional bra (I find this way more comfortable) and it was comfortable and supportive my girls didn’t fall out doing the downward dog. It gets a tick.

Walking: No problemo, no bounce and I’m blessed with comfort and support.

Light run/ jog: I clip the straps for this because I know I will need the extra support. It’s great, there is some movement but it ‘s not much and it doesn’t hurt.

Cross trainer: Is always a fav of mine because you burn calories and it doesn’t impact your breasts. This is when I really noticed that the material absorbs sweat really well. So a big tick because that’s what I don’t like about the Enell you feel like you’re wearing a weighted crop top after a run because it feels really heavy and doesn’t absorb sweat.

Body Attack: For those who don’t know this is a high impact class with lots of jumping, running and other ball breaking exercises. I clipped the back of the Freya Sports Bra for extra support but my girls were moving and bouncing around and it did really pull on my neck by the end of the class.

Perhaps if I wore a supportive sports top over the top it may have helped…but this is the class where most sports bras fail. Just for reference in this class I usually wear a Moving Comfort Sports (Jubilee) with the Enell over the top, it is not overly comfortable because my girls are so squashed I look like a C cup but they don’t move. (I do remove the Enell as soon as I am in my car so I can breath)

Boxing: It was supportive and comfortable, there was movement…more then the jog but less then Body Attack.

FINAL VERDICT: I do really like it and you would be able to wear for it the majority of your workouts. It’s super comfortable and supportive, the material absorbs sweat so I’d be surprised if you got a rash. A big tick.

freya active moulded crop top sports bra


Price: $89.95

Sizes: 28 to 40 (AU6 to 18) Cups B to H.


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