7 August 14

Foxers…Boxers For Girls!

They’re boxers, for chicks. Cool huh?

Belinda from Foxers Australia gifted me some of her collection so I could see what they’re all about.

Now when I first read about them, I didn’t really grasp the concept until I saw them! I don’t know why I was so slow on the uptake, but anyway…

They are super cute and really comfortable, the material feels great on and they don’t ride up… so that’s a win.

If you like fun, comfy and cute knickers then you will like the range. They have a whole range of different colours and styles, I tried a few and I like all of them especially the lace boxers and the briefs. You can see they are well made and more durable (in a feminine way) then what’s usually available.

For retailers, I think it is a great addition to a collection because it covers a corner of the market that you don’t really see. They make great presents and I see a wide age group wearing Foxers as well.






Do you like the concept?




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