4 March 13

Finding Your Bra Size & Which Bras Best Suit You

Women have been wearing bras forever right? One would think we all know what a good fitting bra looks like, how to find your bra size and do I really need a bra calculator to figure it out?

6 years ago when I started in lingerie 8 out of 10 women were wearing the wrong bra size. Today with all of the information and education we have on bra sizes 8 out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong size bra. So please help a sister out and if you know anyone whose boobs are looking a little low, has serious bounce or she is bursting out of her bra, you must send her this post!

Here are 2 super quick Videos that will show you what a good fitting looks like and how you can find a bra shape that works for you and your body.

To find your bra size you can read “How To Measure Your Bra Size” or download the free Bra Fitting App.

How To Find The Right Shape Bra For You



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