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6 April 15

Finding Swimwear For My Massive Boobs

The pain, the anguish and the indecision of swimwear shopping can be brutal, especially when you’ve got ginormous bosoms like me.

Since I gave birth to my eldest daughter nearly 9 years ago I can count on one hand how many times I have worn a swimsuit. So swimwear shopping for my Bali trip was interesting to say the least.

The goal was to drop a few kg’s before we left so I was feeling OK in a swimsuit, that didn’t happen. Nor was I even motivated to drop down to 500 calorie days, go on 10km runs everyday and believe me I was always going to start on Monday, but here we are 3 days out and nada. Not a thing.

My routine did not change, I walk 6km most days, do strength training…. Sometimes and eat clean 90% of the time. I did wonder why it just so happened that it really didn’t worry me that I didn’t drop a few… I mean I thought “Renée, really? Surely you should care?”

No, I really didn’t.

My brain was saying “Renée, you’re going with people who have known you pre kids, they’re going to look at you in a swimsuit and say ‘What the hell happened to you?’ Of course all the other girls are skinny….”

But I am still not driven to ramp up the exercise and reduce the calories…

Then I read this…


Body image... bodies

Now I am about to wear pretty much nothing but a swimsuit for 11 days… I need a swimsuit that fits me, I am comfortable in so I feel like me.

Easier said then done when you’re a 12HH.

So I asked my friends “What do you wear to the beach or when you go swimming?”

Some rock bikini’s, others tankini’s, one piece and others wear a swimsuit with swim shorts.

The times I have swum I did wear a tankini, but it’s a halter neck and my neck hurts after a while so I need basic straps.

One pieces don’t work on me, I look like a ball.

I see Tess Holliday where this and I LOVE it, so I bought a similar one. They make “plus size” but not small back, bigger cups so I take a chance anyway because they is nothing like this in Australia.

forever21 siwmsuit

It’s OK, but not quite big enough in the cup. I can get away with it, but there is some constant readjusting going on.

I thought, I need back up…. Something to compare it too… I head to Brava who has the largest swimwear collection for smaller back, bigger busts in Melbourne.

I try on a few and fail, then I forgot that they keep anything beyond a G cup out the back so it restores my faith.

I found this bikini….. yes I said bikini by Panache. The swim bra is super comfortable, the bottoms are…. Brief and I wish there was a little more material but I can cope with that.


I will be rocking both bikini’s at Bali this year because you know what? Why not.

There is peace and love in my heart and when I look in the mirror I think, you’re awesome. My body has served me well, it’s seen through domestic violence where it has been punched, kicked and thrown against walls, cervical cancer…. And it still serves me. It gave me 2 beautiful girls, it gives me the ability to feel my beautiful man against my skin, I have energy to burn and I am happy.

Our bodies are the garden to our soul, love it for what it is now and have gratitude for how it has served you.

Every BODY is entitled to feel love, joy and happiness. Our bodies are not who we are, it’s merely our vehicle and if anyone cares to judge or say unflattering things to us or about us…. That’s their body image issues not ours. Fuck it.





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  • Juicee Peach

    If you choose a bikini for the size of your body, you need to consider also the cuts and design of it. You need to find also a suitable colour the collaborates on the shape of your body so that you can achieve the sexiness of your body in your own way.

    • Great advice and I totally agree! I have a post about “finding a swimwear for your body shape” it makes a big difference.

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