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30 September 14

Finding The Storm In a D Cup

A guest post by Esther Labi from Bondi's best lingerie store, Storm In A D Cup

Most women tend to go to their local department store when they’re going bra shopping, now this always leaves people frustrated and without a new bra.

lingerie shopping department store

One of the biggest problems is that department stores often stock bras only up to D or E cups, so most women can’t begin to imagine that there is a larger “bralphabet” beyond that. People who work there often have little experience in fitting larger cup sizes, too. Storm in a D Cup specialises in D cup fittings and above, right up to K cup. The most common mistakes we see when women come to our store for a fitting is that they are usually wear a bra that is too big in the back and too small in the cup (sometimes it‘s one thing, sometimes it‘s both). First of all, they are not getting the best look in their clothes, and secondly wearing the wrong bra size can lead to many health issues such as bad body posture, and pain in the shoulders, neck and back.

Department stores in Australia only seemed to sell ugly old-fashioned “granny” bras – if they had any at all, and I wondered if I might not be the only one struggling to find a prettier bra that was also supportive and fashionable. I searched the world for better bras and that is how Storm in a D Cup was formed – I wanted to share my findings with other women in Australia. I made it my mission that every woman who visited my online store or boutique would leave wearing the right size bra, one that would be comfortable, supportive, beautiful and well made. Believe it or not – there are beautiful everyday, bridal, maternity, swimwear and sport bras that fit into this category.

Storm in a D Cup was born largely out of my own frustration and dissatisfaction in shopping for lingerie in Australia in my teen years and in London in my mid-twenties. After an embarrasing first fitting at age 12, I always thought I was a size 14DD. Before my wedding in 2000, I braved the change room once again for a bra fitting and I found out that I was one of the 85% of women wearing the wrong size bra. I went from wearing a 14DD to a wearing 12FF and I nearly fainted! But the experience changed my life forever. I realised that a great bra can give you something you can’t always buy off the shelf – inner confidence. I no longer had to hide my bust under baggy tops. For the first time in my life my boobs looked good in my clothes!!

I often get asked, “So what bra size am I?” There are so many brands in the lingerie market and they all fit slightly different, so each bra needs to be fitted to you. Part of our work during a fitting is to educate women on how bra sizes work and how they can check if the bra they are wearing no longer fits them.

Tips for choosing the right fit:
  • Back size. Should be firm and never ride up your back. Lift your arms when standing in front of the mirror – if the wires are not sitting on your ribs or you are falling from the cup underneath – the back size is too big for you. Remember, the biggest support of the bra comes from the back.
  • Cup size. The wires of the cups should sit behind your breast tissue under your arm. The wires under your breasts should sit in the crease. If it‘s a full cup bra, the wires in the middle should separate your breasts sit against your chest wall. You shouldn‘t be spilling out of the cups even it‘s a plunge bra. Test: bend forward – you should stay in the cups, there shouldn‘t be any spillage or a “double boob“ effect.
  • Straps. They should be supportive but they shouldn’t be so tight that they dig in or form dents in your shoulders.  

The ultimate satisfaction best is our customers‘ happiness at the end of a fitting, and whenever they say that they have never felt so comfortable, confident and supported. We do a lot of telephone support for our online customers so we help women get the right size bra not only all around Australia, but in Asia, Europe and even US. We’ve even had a couple of customers from South Africa! This means a lot to us as women and a company as well. Everyone knows that to look your best you have to have great lingerie that flatters your shape and suits your clothes. A great bra fitter knows that every body is different, so finding the styles that suit your shape can only come with experience. Visit us online or in our store at 123 Edgecliff Rd, Woollahra, Sydney to get the bra that is perfect for you.



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  • Thanks for sharing these tips! They’re very useful when on the lookout for a new bra. And I’m always browsing for erotic lingerie and look for sexy bras and sexy corsets. Thanks for the great post!

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