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19 February 18

Dancing With Self-Talk When You’re Feeling Fat & Ugly


On the weekend I had one of those days where I just felt ‘meh’ about myself, my tummy felt huge and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t feel beautiful.

Which happened to be really shit timing because I had a photo-shoot that day, not wanting to postpone it, so I took some deep breaths, shook it out, put my make up on and my game face…

I still felt like shit.

We ALL have these days and it’s how we move through them that matters.

… Not to ignore them.

… Not to put a positive spin on it and lie to yourself.

… Not to cave in and run to the fridge.

What if we say?

Hello old friend!

How are you? For what reason do we owe this visit?

I hear what you’re saying and I thank you for caring about me, but I am going to do it anyway, because I believe am more and I love that about myself.

I tell you what, we are going to do this and if we really feel crap and it’s not fun, we will stop. OK?

That’s the conversation I had with myself and you know what? It all changed.

The shoot started and I eased myself into it, starting with what was safe and finished with fierce… when I was ready and only then.

With no photo manipulation the camera doesn’t lie and that’s what I am enjoying (as well as nervous, paranoid and scared) about sharing these photos with you on Instagram and Facebook I can’t run or hide and I have to be true to myself so I can be true to you.

It’s important to how we show up everyday, don’t let anyone else take your power or control your happiness. It is our responsibility, but more importantly don’t ignore the self-talk that is going on in your mind. Have a conversation with yourself and nurture it, bring the pain to the surface because it’s never as bad as we think it’s going to be. What happens when we do this is it all works itself out, balance and harmony is restored.

That’s what I love about lingerie; it’s the “once upon a time…” it begins to tell the story for us, the one that we want to write that day.


Supporting me in my visual story telling is BraStop and Journelle.

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