26 April 10


Introducing VFox by Vanessa Foxover, you know I love to introduce you to awesome Lingerie Designers. I love Vanessa because she is super passionate not to mention extremely talented. Here's why VFox is hot-

Vanessa Foxover approaches every piece as an untold love story “I see everything I create being inspired by love and romance. Everything I make is a celebration of love and like love itself, my designs only become stronger. They acquire their own history, precious moments that are preserved in time forever”.

Think glamorous, think extravagant, think Ziegfield Follies and Busby Berkeley films of the 1940s and 50s. These are knickers that women will love; these are knickers to feel outrageously gorgeous in.

It’s no wonder that Brisbane’s burgeoning burlesque scene have already snapped up the first pieces from the VFox label. Vanessa says that although her knickers are popular with dancers and showgirls, everyone loves wearing them.

Perfect for the bedroom, honeymoon, anniversary or whenever you’re spending time with someone you love, Foxover says “Every piece has a story, a life and a journey of it’s own to embark on. The journey only begins with my creation, after that you add your own story’.

These beautiful knickers are guaranteed to make you feel very special and very beautiful. Everyone needs a little glamour now and then!

Stocked exclusively by luxury lingerie boutique Puritan in James Street Brisbane

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  • House of Vintner


  • Marnie B

    Oh my god… so stunning.

  • Bra Queen

    Isn't it beautiful! When I was talking to Vanessa she said to me she can't outsource any of the manufacturing because she actually puts finishing touches on every single piece. How amazing is that!

  • Anonymous

    Nice Pix!

  • Anonymous

    Soooo gorgeous – Vanessa as well as her talent!

  • Bra Queen

    Yes she sure is 🙂

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