1 March 17

Experience Your Own Photo-Shoot

Don’t let the boobs fool you.

On the surface it’s easy to assume that the big boobs, big smile and big personality could be misconceived in thinking that I am superficial, shallow and promoting the unrealistic idea around what “beauty” is and how it looks.

But it runs much deeper… It means something, something bigger than my boobs, my smile and my personality.

I did one thing and it was the only thing that has made me look at myself and love what I see, and you can experience it as well.



My first lingerie set was white, satin with a beautiful lace and I was in love. I wore it all the time and I remember the way it made me feel, it made me feel beautiful and every time I felt the satin against my skin it sent a shockwave of love for myself throughout my entire body.

It’s easy in everyday life to forget the little things, but it’s the small things that we do that make the biggest difference. While that might seem superficial, it’s the message that it sends throughout our bodies that “I am enough.” I am not beautiful like you I am beautiful like me. That matters.

What is your thing, that thing that you do or say that sends a message to yourself that whispers I’m not enough, I’m not beautiful?

That whisper echoes through out our bodies until it eventually screams or it becomes a silent snake that sits dormant in our body, stopping us from feeling internal and eternal love for ourselves.

We over look it like it’s not important, but it is because it affects every area of our lives… So many conversations we don’t have and I don’t understand why because we all feel them, experience them and have them.

As I embark on a quest for truth, the actual truth not my version of the truth or someone else’s but mine… I realise that the truth is a symptom of expectations. The ridiculous expectations we put on ourselves as well as the expectations people put on us.

Self-respect is in, as long as we make the rules and society or other people do not influence it.

Like, what we should or shouldn’t do or when we should do something.  If it serves our soul and our desires than it’s a yes.

Justifying our actions, thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to and “no” is a complete sentence.

Let’s make a promise to each other that it stops, now.

Make a promise to yourself that you will focus on loving yourself as you are and exploring new ways to love yourself and you can enjoy the ripple effect that has on all of your relationships.

The term “self-love” is everywhere. Like everywhere!

Now it might be just me, but this is a LEARNED behavior and one that does not come easily for me. Loving yourself is really hard sometimes.

For many years I would use and wear the term “perfectionist” like it’s a badge of honour. It is actually crippling.

… The perfect body
… The perfect life
… The perfect house
… The perfect business
… The perfect parent
… The perfect partner
… The perfect Mother
… The perfect friend

How about just tilting and leaning into exploring more of who you are and beginning to say yes to yourself? You matter.

Together with Urban Life Photography, we are giving YOU the chance to experience the one thing, the only thing that made me love myself for who I am, as I am.

 A Photographic Confidence Building experience including...

· Pre styling consultation over the phone or at the studio
· Hair and makeup – for one female
· 3 outfit changes
· Studio photo-shoot
· Total photographic experience 3 and half hours
· A 8x10” image of your choice

All this for $45.00

• This offer is valid during weekdays and Saturday’s.
• Not valid on Sundays and public holidays, a $50 refundable deposit is required when making your booking.

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