13 July 11

Exclusive Interview With Curvy Kate Model Lizzie Haines

# As the search for the next Curvy Kate model continues in Australia Bra Queen had the privilege of interviewing the gorgeous winner from last year's Star in a Bra competition Lizzie Haines. How did it change her life? And what advice would she give the Australian contestants and you'll see there is much more behind this lingerie model then what you first think. Behind the her gorgeous face and stunning figure lies an intelligent, savvy business woman who is finding her footprint.


1. How has the Star in a Bra Contest changed your life?
Not too drastically!  I think it's important to note that I'm not now a full time model with a jet set lifestyle, I work for myself as I have always done and take a few days here an there to help Curvy Kate with current promotions and campaigns.  My confidence and assurance in myself has soared and in that sense I am a happier and healthier human being for having gone through the Star in a Bra experience.

2. If you could give advice to the Australian contestants what would it be?

To enjoy it and be confident of yourself and your reasons for entering.  Regardless of the Curvy Kate's fun and positive branding, there will always be someone who questions lingerie modelling and your incentive to get involved and be seen.  Don't compromise yourself but have the conviction to follow up your actions with a smile, a laugh and with your head held high.  No one who questions you will know what you've gone through

to enter or in gathering up the courage to put yourself out there.  Then once you're involved,

ride high, it's the biggest rush ever!

3. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I don't actually think I will be given the opportunity to do any further modelling after this year with CK.  Funnily enough I spent so long campaigning for the curvy woman throughout the competition that I forgot to put my hand up for the short ones too!!  Being tall is a requirement for all modelling, be it curvy, slim or plus and most agencies list 5.8" as their minimum height requirement... I fall a couple of inches short of that!  It's fair to say though that I didn't enter the competition for a change of career, I run my own company (www.doitmomma.co.uk) which has a number of different facets that keep me busy.  I will be focusing my energies on that and applying the same self publication skills I uncovered when campaigning for SIAB to getting the company further exposure.

4. Why do you think its important to wear nice lingerie?

Nice, sexy, functional...every piece of lingerie has it's place and I think the most important thing is to make sure it fits properly and that it does it's job.  I tend to find that within fashion I'm quite traditional and I'm a big fan of blue, black, white and grey...which is why I love to dress up under my clothes!  I always feel personally very satisfied knowing I have a fantastic set of lingerie on underneath what everyone else sees.

5. What have you learned during this experience?
That I can achieve more than I give myself credit for.  That things generally tend to be a lot less scary than I build them up to be...and that actually, I don't look half bad in my pants!


To enter the Star in a Bra Competition and get your chance to be the next Curvy Kate Lingerie Model go to their Australian facebook site.

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