5 September 12

What’s Hot In Lingerie This Season?

It’s such an exciting time of year! It feels like Christmas for Retailers when you’re buying and sourcing the next season. Eveden the Mother company to our favourite lingerie labels like Freya, Fantastie, Huit, Goddess and Elomi lavished us in a gorgeous Champagne Breakfast that was followed by a lingerie show. Where they delighted us with what is hitting our stores next season.


We will be seeing their divine signature purple this season as well as lots of gorgeous colors that you will love. The collection has a lot of classic lines and that is echoed in their bottoms. What I like about Huit is their bras are wide set so they are great for women with wide set breasts.


Something we don’t see very often is green in lingerie but I love it, they have a delightful green and pink bra that is in their classic shape. Neutral tones that aren’t boring because they have a hint of color.


I am predicting to have a great season because this collection has something for everyone. They have their signature shapes but they are brought back to life with new material and a lovely color palette. They are a nice combination of lace, floral and print.


Have taken a new turn, traditionally the fun and flirty lingerie has been quite edgy but this season is more what I would call “sweet”. The collection is lovely but I must say I do hope we see something a bit more edgy next season. In saying that there are lots to look out for.


Was the real stand out for me, their innovation, the colors and the structure of this plus size lingerie is amazing. It’s so great to see such beautiful lingerie made in larger sizes because who doesn’t want to feel good? Their swimwear collection is so flattering and so lovely. Heaps to love about their next season.

What's your fav?

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