19 July 11

Equivalent Bra sizes

Every bra size has what I call a “Sister Size” which allows fitters to tweak the fit and ultimately work towards getting the perfect bra size for you.

Beware because this can also allow Fitters to tweak the bra size so it appears to fit however it’s not the perfect fit for you and the bra won’t last you as long.

Why would a Professional Bra Fitter do that?

I would like to think that most Fitters will not do this however it does happen and you really need to be aware of it. For example they may have sold your perfect bra size so they tweak it to the bras sister size and they still get the sale.

Before I tell you all the bra sizes equivalent “sister” sizes you need to understand that with the sister sizes  each bra has 3 cup sizes that are the same and all the varies is the size of the back (the bra band).


Your band needs to fit snugly on the loosest hook, bra bands stretch quite quickly and to ensure your bra continues to support you the band needs to remain snug. If it fits you on the loosest hook you can tighten it as it stretches. If you buy your bra on the tightest hook it isn’t going to last you as long because it will begin to ride up your back and will not support you. When the back rides up it will not give your breasts any lift.

The Bra Sister Size Chart

To find your bras sister size you do two things

  1. Go UP in the cup and go DOWN in the back
  2. Go DOWN in the cup and go UP in the back

Note: All bra sizes are in Australian Sizes click here for Bra Conversion Chart

Bra Size Sister Size 1 Sister Size 2
10A 8B 12AA
10B 8C 12A
10C 8D 12B
10D 8DD 12C
10DD 8E 12D
10E 8F 12DD
10F 8G 12E
10G 8H 12F
12A 10B 14AA
12B 10C 14A
12C 10D 14B
12D 10DD 14C
12DD 10E 14D
12E 10F 14DD
12F 10G 14E
12G 10H 14F
14A 12B 16AA
14B 12C 16A
14C 12D 16B
14D 12DD 16C
14DD 12E 16D
14E 12F 16DD
14F 12G 16E
14G 12H 16F
16A 14B 18AA
16B 14C 18A
16C 14D 18B
16D 14DD 18C
16DD 14E 18D
16E 14F 18DD
16F 14G 18E
16G 14H 18F
18A 16B 20AA
18B 16C 20A
18C 16D 20B
18D 16DD 20C
18DD 16E 20D
18E 16F 20DD
18F 16G 20E
18G 16H 20F


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