6 August 13

Elle MacPherson Intimates & The Disturbing Image

Last week I sparked debate and conversation on social media about an image Elle MacPherson Intimates produced and promoted that shock and sicken me.

It went so viral Jezebel featured it in an article and it has had over 65,000 views, a piece on Bustle, Buzzfeed and Daily Life. I was also asked to write an article about it for The Shake. Since then it has been published in 10 different publications around the globe in 3 different languages including Huffington Post and Mamamia.

This is something that I am extremely passionate about because this is why I love lingerie. It empowers women and that is crucial if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life. This Elle MacPherson image goes against everything lingerie is about!

I would love for you to head over to The Shake and read my full article on my thoughts and why I dislike it so much. It is a little personal and it’s something I don’t usually talk about but I feel the time was right.

If you would like to stop the violence and exploitation against women in advertising you can sign the petition!





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