27 July 11

Elle Macpherson Bra Review on Gentle Jade

Elle Macpherson Intimates

2 years ago I reviewed the Elle MacPherson Larger Bra Cup Intimates when it was launched so it was time to revisit these bras. Elle Macpherson Lingerie lives under the Bendon Lingerie umbrella along with Fayre Form, Bendon, Bendon Man, Stella McCartney Intimates, Dimity So, Obsidian and Hickory. In my last review they received a terrible review in fact probably my worst ever in 3 years. I took them to the cleaners because they were so bad.  How do they fair today?

Gentle Jade

Cost- $79.95

Lift- 4/10

Separation- 4/10

Quality- 2/10

Shape- 2/10

Material- 0/10

Appearance- 7/10

Over All-  2/10

Bra Queen’s Comments: 

Gentle Jade Elle Macpherson bra is very pretty to look at and I love the grey and jade green together it looks stunning. It does a weird thing to the shape of your breasts it makes them flat and long. The material of the bra feels scratchy on the skin because it's lace it must be a soft lace however this bra is not. The Elle Macpherson bras are extremely inconsistent in their sizing and the back size is a little small. If Bendon are charging $80 for this bra it must be much better quality because for that price you can buy a luxury bra that looks fantastic and fits like glove.

Bra Sizes 10 to 16 and Cup Sizes A to D, D to G Cups



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  • cara

    TOTALLY agree with this, re the small back sizes, they are TINY! I’m a 36F and the backs of Elle’s bras never fit me, sounds like I’ve had a lucky escape if they make boobs long and flat!!

    • braqueen

      Haha yes Cara you saved $80 🙂 The backs are tiny I would say 2 sizes out, which is alot.

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