16 August 10

Do You Make These 3 Business Mistakes?

Mistake #1 mistakes

Common sense does not mean common practice...

We all have various degrees of business knowledge and we have been in business for various amounts of time. As much as we “know” truth be told we do not do….. We don’t take action

Action is what makes us different it makes us stand out from the crowd and when you’re in business it is vital for our success.



Mistake #2

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

The same rule applies mentally. If you feed your mind with junk food like negativity, judgments, worry and stress then you my friend are on a one way street to if not a breakdown then a very unhappy life.

Feed your mind with power food like positive thoughts, drive, passion, determination and a thirst for knowledge and a craving to serve others. Surround yourself with like minded people so you can feed of each other smother yourself with material that inspires you; not that brings you down. That cheeseburger may have tasted good for a minute but it’s always short lived go for the super salad it will have you going for years to come… opposed to one hit wonder.

Mistake #3

No fluffy stuff just make things happen!

Some may call it law of attraction, hippy stuff, new age or maybe just out there. Cut the crap it won’t happen… if you sit back and think about really cool things then really cool things don’t just appear.

The only way to make cool things happen is to do cool things….

Idea+ Commit+ Do= Really Cool Things

Yes you need a positive mind and power foods but it only works if you think and do at the some time. The more time you spend thinking the less time you are doing.

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