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27 August 13

Diversity In Lingerie

Something exciting happened today that warms my heart.

Lingerie bloggers around the globe united to raise awareness around having diversity in lingerie. I am the only Australian lingerie blogger and because we are so far away and time difference can be tricky it gets pretty lonely. So today I was able to be a apart of something I am passionate about is awesome. If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know that I believe lingerie is much more then a necessity and it is so much more then sex . It’s a small thing we can do everyday to make ourselves feel good, it’s the confidence it gives you and the empowerment you feel. Lingerie is for every size, every shape, every colour and every BODY. Every woman deserves to feel good. We are so immune to looking at lingerie on a model’s body it can be intimidating looking at yourself in that same set.




This amazing initiative was created by June from Braless in Brazil who said it so well ““I want every individual growing up to be able to pick up a book or a magazine and see someone that looks like them. Someone who is portrayed in a positive light and is not just there out of tokenism.”

Holly from Full Figured Chest said “Part of why this event resonated is that I feel like lingerie bloggers are under pressure to conform to model standards.” For some crazy reason that is true but we are all so diverse and different but the one thing we agree on is #diversityinlingerie

Cheryl from Invest in Your Chest said in her post “This campaign isn’t about size, age, skin colour, life choices, disabilities or any specific topic, it’s about true and unadulterated diversity. No form of diversity is more equal than others – have you seen a lingerie model with tattoos and piercings lately?”

So many words of inspiration and self acceptance were published today in respect of this campaign, I urge you to check them out. You can follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #diversityinlingerie and you can post your own pic!

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