10 November 14

The Difference Between A Maternity Bra and A Nursing Bra

There is a lot of confusion around the difference between a maternity bra and nursing. Simply put:

Maternity bras: Are the bras you where DURING your pregnancy.

Nursing Bras: Are the bras you wear once your baby is born, it’s your feeding bra. (It will become your workhorse bra)

In Australia the line between a maternity bra and a nursing bra has really blurred over time and often we refer to them as the same thing.

cake lingerie maternity bras nursing bras


Maternity bras still have clasps in the top of the cup so you can breastfeed while wearing one, but with technology, research and development we are beginning to see a search and a wider gap in maternity and nursing bras, giving you a bra for every stage. Having said that, they do tend to cross over the course of your pregnancy and nursing stages.

It’s important you get properly fitted for both your nursing and your maternity bras especially if you’re wearing a flexi-wire maternity bra.

Wearing a flexible-wire maternity bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding can provide superior shape, support and a good overall breast health, new research has found. The research, conducted by Cake Lingerie, reveals a properly fitted underwire bra can be more suitable than a non-wired bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the wire maintains the natural shape and curve of the breasts. Some believe there is a stigma attached around wired bras with pregnancy and mastitis, however the likeliness of this infection occurring is associated more with a restricted or compressed bra and cup size.

Note: this is not your standard bra underwire, it is specifically designed for pregnant and breast feeding Mothers.

In the first trimester your breasts can grow rapidly and become sore so a non-underwire bra is perfect for this time. Also a sleep bra is great because it will allow your breast to grow and move with you.

During your second and third trimester your breasts will maintain size somewhat and you can move to a flexi-wire maternity bra, then when bubs is born revert back to your non underwire and seamless sleep bra as your milk comes in. Once your milk has settled and you’re in somewhat of a routine with your feeding you can get the flexi-wire back out for superior comfort, support and shape.


For how to fit a maternity bra read this post.


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