5 December 11

The Ultimate Bra Shopping Experience

When you have a bigger bust and have a small back, a rare bra size, or you’re a “plus size” you enter a lingerie store that has hundreds of bras, yet none that fit. If you’re lucky, you may have one bra to choose from, which is usually a big ‘nanna’ like ugly bra. You may even be guided to the seedy corner or perhaps out the back like you are shopping for an X rated DVD. When all you want is to feel like every other girl in the world and not like a freak who only wants to purchase a bra. It leaves us dreading the bra shopping experience.

Fast forward 10 years….

You enter a store and you are greeted warmly by the lady at the counter, while you are leisurely looking at hundreds of bras that are actually in your size. You are asked not once but several times if you need help, require to be fitted, or maybe just a little chat about what’s new and exciting in store. Upon then, you are casually guided into the fitting room by an experienced bra fitter that you have all to yourself.  Imagine, an assistant who really cares about you and overall wants you to feel supported, comfortable, uplifted, and maybe even sexy.

Thanks Michelle!

WOW what an experience! Together we had a giggle and I was left thinking “What am I going to buy?”….my response “I will take all of it and the matching knickers thank you.”


Thrill Me by Curvy Kate Lingerie

Bra- $80.96 Knickers- $37.46


Porcelain Plunge by Panache Lingerie

Bra- $79.95


Delphi Balconette Bra by Masquerade Lingerie

 Bra: $109.95 Brief: $39.95

 Pier Underwire Tankini Top by Freya Lingerie

 Tankini Top: $99.95 Pier Latino Brief: $59.95


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  • Robert

    Thats so true! Many years ago when i first started shopping ladies,especially in lingerie..I did feel like hiding in a corner..
    Now i can shop with confidence for a new bra and the ladies,are always friendly and willing to assist me,weather i needed to get fitted or just trying on a new style..

    • braqueen

      It makes a big difference to the experience doesn’t it!

      • Robert

        It really does make a big difference! Thanks!!

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