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9 April 12

Daily Special Sites With a Twist

To have a successful business, marketing is essential. Without marketing, no one knows about your business, what it offers, or its value. It's important to spread the word to generate new income and recurring clientele.

Thankfully, there are many ways to market a business. However, the key is to effectively solicit sales without the scars. Daily Special Sites are one of many ways to promote your business. While there may be some pitfalls associated with the special sites (as with any marketing tactic), there are positive points to gain, making your business something good to talk about.

First things first – lets define Daily Special Sites. Daily Special Sites or “Daily Deals” are websites that allow you to post deals and discounts for customers to use toward your business. In other words, these sites act as online coupons. is a great example of a typical Daily Specials Site. Each site has their own set of terms and conditions but in essence, Daily Special Sites act as a platform to help promote your business.

Daily Special Sites will obviously give your business a booming buzz but the opposite of this benefit is that sometimes businesses are not as profitable or won't break even. But, if your business capitalize on the possibility of recurring clients, the sales process can even itself out if it involves high customer lifetime value.

Another default with Daily Special Sites is setting expiration dates for your deals. If you set the date too far in the future or have a relaxed redemption date, you could ruin your business by having customers use their deals at the most varied time. This makes your sales sporadic. Having an understanding of what your business can offer is equally important. If you can't afford to offer discounts, you might over extend yourself trying to meet the redemptions. However, Daily Special Sites offer financial pluses. No extra out-of-pocket advertising costs are necessary and if your business applies the deals effectively (timing, redemption, etc), it could attract new and fresh business and increase sales tremendously.

Applying Daily Special Sites to your ammo of marketing strategies may be a risk but the opportunity is available and there is always money to be made.

In a nutshell- For the consumer they are amazing value and they get a taster of what the business is about. A happy customer buys and buys again and tells all their friends. Know you’re market and think about the results long term check out Australia coupons for more information.





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  • Thanks Bruce and great advice!
    Renee recently posted..Daily Special Sites With a Twist

  • Hi Marilyn,

    Yes I think scarcity and a sense of urgency is the key to the success of this and enusre you do your research and your markets are aligned. No point in marketing to the wrong people.


  • Antonio

    This is one great advice for people who want to promote their products through deals.
    Antonio recently posted..guitar books to learn to play the blues

  • Dana

    Excellent advice yet kinda tricky I think. Well, it’s better to know that you have back-ups like these to help you out in promoting your products.
    Dana recently to find good photography schools

  • Craig

    This is a very nice guide for beginners like me who want to promote my products and get more buys.
    Craig recently posted..v2 smokeless cigarettes

  • Frank River

    I did not have any idea about daily special sites before. From your article i have knew about it. I think daily special sites are necessary for every businessman. Because there are many benefits and opportunities for businessman’s on daily special sites. Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Frank River recently posted..

  • Peter

    This is a must do for any online marketer if they really want to create a lot of following. There are a lot of potential clients out there that are scouring deals from daily special sites, so we must take advantage of that.
    Peter recently posted..good scrubs for men

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