26 September 11

Custom Made Bras In Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne or maybe you’re willing to travel and you have bra issues whether it be:

  • You’re a rare size and Just. Can’t. Find. One. Anywhere.
  • You can’t find a supportive, comfortable bra.
  • You may have small shoulders and have issues with the bra straps falling down
  • Your bra may rib your under arms.
  • Hi set or low set breasts
  • The band rolls up
  • You may have back problems and need an front opening bra
  • Or maybe you don’t have any major bra problems you’re just curious to see the difference of a bra bra or a custom made just for you bra.

Whatever your bra problem is a custom made bra maybe your best option. No matter what your bra size is a custom made bra can be made for you.

For Beautiful Bras You’ll Just Love To Wear

Do you have breast challenges that make it difficult to find a good fitting, comfortable, supportive, yet pretty bra?

Linda Jobson of Linda’s Lingerie designs, fits and custom makes bras to your individual figure requirements.

Linda will be in Melbourne on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October  to do special bra fittings. Appointments will take approximately ¾ hour and a cash deposit of $120 will be required (which will be deducted from the total Invoice).

Venue  -  The Australian College of Hair Design & Beauty
234 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

For more information email linda@lindaslingerie.com.au

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