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20 April 11

Custom Made Bras For The Forgotten Woman

“Beautiful Bras You’ll Just Love To Wear”

The majority of women are still wearing the wrong bra size and they all have a common action…the question is which one are you?

  • The one who can’t wait to get home and whip off your bra because it is sooooo uncomfortable!!
  • Or you might be one of those who whips it off in the car while driving home!!

So why do women find their bras to be so uncomfortable?

The first thought that comes to my mind is “how many women fit into the AVERAGE size?” Because that is the only thing available to them, not knowing you can get your bras custom made. Furthermore, in this day and age there is no average or normal, it’s what is right for you.

The second thought is that women come in many shapes and sizes, each one as beautiful as the next. Manufacturers are trying very hard to cater for all women and they have come a long way, however bras are a science, an art. When making a bra you also have to take into account a woman’s height, they can be tall, short or anywhere in between.  The depth between the shoulders to waist is also a measurement that can add to the dilemma of purchasing a comfortable bra.  The forgotten bra sizes are 18A, 20A-B, 22-30B-D and common bra problems are:

  • The underwire sticking up under their armpit,
  • The shoulder strap is too long or too short,
  • The strap digs into the shoulders causing great ‘indentations’,
  • There is not enough room in the cup so it causes the ‘double boob’ look
  • Oh I could go on and on but I won’t

Often when you have more tissue around the rib cage it causes a snow ball effect, when you move your breasts move and so does the bra band.  Hence the reason it is so uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be.

Truth be told most women often settle for any bra because it’s the best of the worst, they have had enough of traipsing from one lingerie shop to another, from department store to department store.  Undressing for the umpteenth time, trying on how many bras that just don’t work?  Then they either wear  the bra because it’s the only one that sort of fits, or put it in the bottom of their underwear draw and either forget about it, or bring it out occasionally, try it on, and then remember why they don’t wear it!!  I do wonder how much money is spent on bras, collectively, that is completely wasted.  Have you ever added up the cost of your bras over a year and how long they last?  Some of you may get a real shock.

There are a number of reasons why women buy bras –

1. For every day wear.

2.  To play sport in or exercise.

3.  Glamorous wear, under that special outfit.

4.  The price.

Purchasing a bra just because it’s inexpensive, generally, is a waste of money.  If it only lasts 6 months, then you have to go through the ‘bra shopping hassle’ again.  The No. 1 thing to look for in a bra, is the quality of the fabric in the back of the bra.   Because the backs stretch, generally this will wear out first.  Also the straps stretch, this part of the bra will probably be the next to wear out.  So when purchasing a bra, I always recommend you first check the quality of the material used in the bra this will determine how long and how well made the bra is.

About Linda

Linda Jobson of Linda’s Lingerie is a Bra Specialist who has been designing and creating bras for individual clients for 16 years. Established to cater for the needs of all women, no matter what size or shape they are, who find it impossible to buy a bra that fits them where they need the bra to fit, to be comfortable, supportive and pretty.

Linda provides her personalised fitting service from the comfort and privacy of her home in Regents Park, south of Brisbane. Every woman should be able to experience the confidence of knowing that they look good and feel good in proper fitting bras, which are made to their individual requirements.

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  • I’m from Perth and I wish we had something like Linda does. I have spent the past hour or so trying to look for someone to make custom bras but only got results for “car bras” and something in New Jersey! I only just fit in a 16A, it’s often too big but there’s no 16AA sizes, I can’t find anyone making custom bras.

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