3 April 12

Would You Like To See More Lingerie On Daily Deal Sites?

We were having a recent discussion on Bra Queen recently about Daily Deal Sites from a business perspective. Then we were curious as to what you guys wanted.




1. Would you like to see more lingerie available on daily deal sites?

2. Would you then be loyal to the store/brand if you had a great experience?

3. What is more important to you cheap bras and price or your bra fit?

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  • Lingerie, and in particular bras, are not something I purchase that often. So when I do purchase, I do it with great care and thought because I believe that you get what you pay for. Fit is way more important to me than price.
    What I would like to see is a loyalty system. If I find a bra that works for me, I will buy 2 or 3 in different colours and then buy it again (if possible) 6 to 12 months later to replace worn out bras. If I was offered a discount on my third or fourth purchase of the same product, I would (a) love the store, (b) buy other products from the store to build up more purchasing credits and ultimately keep my business in one place.
    T-shirts, sweaters, pants and shoes are all impulse purchases that are great to make on deal sites. If they don’t fit so well, then who cares. But if your undies ride up then you are likely to never daily deal again!

    • braqueen

      Thank you!

      It is such an interesting topic, so far it’s leaning towards fit over price which is nice to hear and aligned with our thoughts. However it has worked for a stores I know 😉

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.


  • Robert

    I haven’t commented in quite sometime! Whenever i shop for lingerie,especially bras,comfort and fit are more important to me,than it’s actual cost. But,if a discount is offered on a second or third bra,for the most part i’ll purchase them in different colors.
    I’t would most likely lead to other purchases such as skits,pants,shoes etc. I would deffinately be a returnig customer.

    • braqueen

      Hello There!

      Long time no see 🙂 Hope you’re well x

      Agree, if I had a great experience in store then I would buy more and more often.


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