2 June 14

How I Made Him Melt…

Having the kind of love you’ve read about… I never knew what love looked like or I had a very obscure view of it anyway. Something that is very important to me is to live an abundant life where I am happy in every area. I want to show my girls and lead by example as to what love looks like…Healthy blissful soulful love.

I am not an expert in relationships or love, not by a long shot, but I do know what I need to do in order for me to live it. For a few years now I have loved and supported Emma and Den in their journey to inspire savvy couples to have fun, spend quality together and make them melt. Mr BQ and I have just completed their virtual couples massage training program.


couples massage, make your partner melt


* this is not a sponsored post I just love what they’re doing and thought you would too*

After watching the trailer I knew this was something I had to try, who doesn’t like a massage! The videos are really well made and you can start with a short massage routine and build up from there. The way Den, explains the techniques are really simple and fun. I was up for it, but Mr BQ was like… “What do IIII have to do?” so he took a little more convincing.

In the words of Mr BQ he says "For the novice masseuse that I ‘am, the video tutorials were easy to understand and perform. It gave us a chance to zone out and just chill out together. There is nothing better than the power of touch to enrich and connect with your partner."

It’s something that you can have fun with and it can be as short or as long as you want it to be. The thing that I really enjoyed was just having the time to connect, touch and just be with Mr BQ. We didn’t really talk, we were just enjoying the massage and the moment. The videos are specifically designed for couples so it’s different from anything else you’ve seen or been taught.

Check out the trailer for yourself and if you love it as much as we do Emma has given you a 70% discount for all Bra Queen subscribers. The offer is open for 7 days and you get lifetime access.

Use the codeword braqueen and you'll pay $29 instead of $99


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