22 July 15

Corsets For Inner And Outerwear

This look I just love and adore, I love the fine line between inner and outerwear that we are seeing in lingerie at the moment.

Marlies Dekkers are the veterans of this look with the signature bras.


Today in #thisisme let’s look at how I wore this amazing corset by Corset Story as Outerwear.

If you are looking at going for this look, then a little tip is to look for a corset that has material behind the lace at the back.

This year I wore this at a speaking event and I got loads of compliments.

This particular corset comes with a little bolero, however my gigantic breasts just didn’t allow for enough coverage for outerwear. I bought a cute little knit bolero that I wore over the top, which sat much better.  Paired with dark blue skinny jeans and heels and I was good to go.

corset story bra queen


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