11 June 09

Control Shorts/ Suck me in Undies!

All of the models for control shorts don’t even need to wear them so they really don’t give you a realistic idea of what they do.

So- Ta Da! A Fabulous Before and After of my Number 1 pick.


I recently took on the mission of finding the best control underwear. They come in so many shapes and sizes. So what is the best?

Here’s what I found-

Control Briefs- There isn’t enough material to do anything and well, it kind of spills out of the top and bottom. Not really the look I’m after thanks!

Control Skirts- They ride up

Control Shorts? I like- They cover your tummy, thighs and bottom.
Like everything some brands are better then others.

Triumph- Are Ok, they smooth but that’s it.

Playtex- Have huge seams, so you can see them through your clothes, HELLO. Seams aside like Triumph they just smooth.

Bras ‘n’ Things- Some have a zip in the front, some have big seams, some have the thickest piece of elastic you’ve ever seen in your life! It would add an extra 1cm to your waistline! Ha, they’re really quite funny. What I shame I’m not joking!

Trinny & Susannah- Are good but personally I think they are too expensive.

Nancy Ganz- My second favourite they smooth and shape. If you pay full price they are slightly over priced, just slightly! $74.95


Bella Bodies are the bomb!

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  • David

    are these also known as granny panties

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