22 August 11

Check Out Your Mums Breasts!

In this day and age we have information all around us providing us with education on anything and everything. However 20, 30, 40 and 50 years this wasn’t the case so when our Mothers, and Grandmothers went bra shopping the majority of women didn’t get fitted for a bra, it was unheard of especially in rural areas. Women would just walk in and pick a bra up off the shelf and think “Yeah that looks like my size” and that was it.

Fast forward a few years and they are still wearing the same size and don’t know any different. Often seeing bras as a “thing” women wear and not as an investment to back support, a better posture, comfort, lift and shape that we know them for today.

So it’s time to check out your Mum’s breasts, organise a girly day, take her bra shopping and get her fitted for a bra….get those girls sorted out. It’s such a small thing that you can do that will make her feel like a million dollars!

Take your Mum, Grandmother or Mother in law by the hand and if her breasts aren’t sitting half way between her shoulders and her elbows then she needs a new bra.


Have fun!

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  • Robert

    I actually done some research on bras from years past… Bras,in those day’s were extremely dull and offered very little as far as colors,lift,support,posture and shape. I completely agree with you! Women would just walk in and grab any bra off the shelf! Take one look at it and say “that should fit”…There must of been many women out there who were very uncomfortable…
    When i first started wearing bras,i also had no clue! Bras were to tight,to loose,wrong style and some of them were very uncomfortable to wear!
    We are all very fortunate to have so many styles and colors to choose from…Even though finding just the right bra,seems like an never ending task….

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