26 December 11

The Best Cheap Bras Under $50

Lingerie for less that is the question in the mouths of everybody’s lips, our research shows that the majority of people would like to buy bras under $50. You don’t really want to sacrifice quality for price and that is what usually happens. However eventually you will find the gold nugget or good cheap bras. What I have found the more I speak and get to know lingerie companies the ones you want to watch are the ones that have a passion for bras, a passion for a good fitting bra and have high integrity so they will not sacrifice quality. NOT the ones who have gigantic marketing budgets and you see them on TV making outrageous claims.

My top 3 bras for under $50 are:

  1. KAYSER Bombshell is a fantastic bra that adds two cup sizes and is still comfortable enough to wear all day long.
  2. Underwear of Sweden have a great range of bras that look great and are a great fit.
  3. Fine Lines are what I believe to be the best bras in Australia at an affordable price. They are everyday bras for every woman.


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