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Bra Review on Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate’s Emily, Princess, Ella, Angel, Portia Curvy Kate’s Soft Cup Bras Cost- $94.95 Lift- 6/10 Separation- 8/10 Quality- 6/10 Shape- 4/10 Material- 4/10 Appearance-8/10 Over All- 5/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- Firstly a BIG Congratulations to Curvy Kate winning our Best DD+ Bra award. They are really pretty bras. I was so so excited to […]

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Bra Review- Pleasure State D to G

Carmen Cost- $69.95 Lift- 4/10 Separation- 6/10 Quality- 3/10 Shape- 2/10 Material- 3/10 Appearance-3/10 Over All- 2/10 Bra Queen’s Comments-For a brand that is renowned for it’s quality this bra is very flimsy the quality is terrible. It is quite a small make as well. The straps are far to thin for the quality of […]

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Bra Review on Freya

Freya are one of the leading lingerie companies that fall under the Eveden Group for Larger Cup Size Bras, they go up to J Cup. Antoinette-Nude Cost- $84.95 Lift- 7/10 Separation- 7/10 Quality- 8/10 Shape- 2/10 Material- 5/10 Appearance- 5/10 Over All- 3/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- This bra is really uncomfortable and it makes your […]

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Bra Review- Masquerade

Pandora Cost- $114.95 Lift- 8/10 Separation- 8/10 Quality- 9/10 Shape- 8/10 Material- 9/10 Appearance- 7/10 Over All- 8/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- I loved the quality of this bra! It is made really well. The material is lovely, the pattern not to my liking but a lot of women would love it. The shape was really […]

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Bra Review- Bras I Love & Recommend!

I know a lot of you want to know what I DO actually recommend since I dislike most of the “known” Brands. Miss Mandalay Paige Cost- $65.00 Lift- 9/10 Separation- 9/10 Quality- 9/10 Shape- 8/10 Material- 8/10 Appearance- 9/10 Over All- 9/10 Paris Cost- $80.00 Lift- 9/10 Separation- 9/10 Quality- 9/10 Shape- 8/10 Material- 8/10 […]

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Bra Review- Elle MacPherson NEW D to G Cups Range

UPDATE- All images have been removed from this post. If you wish too view them please feel free to Google them. There are 6 Bras in this NEW D to G Cup Range however only 5 styles. Over all comments are below. African Nude Cost- $74.95 Lift- 3/10 Separation- 7/10 Quality- 3/10 Shape- 1/10 Material- […]

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BRA REVIEW -Elle Mac Pherson

Elle Macpherson, Artistry Cost- $74.95 Lift- 4/10 Separation- 7/10 Quality- 6/10 Shape- 4/10 Material- 6/10 Appearance- 8/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- If you like “Pretty” you’ll like this bra. It is really pretty, the material isn’t too bad it’s a fine lace so it’s quite comfy on the skin. What let this bra down (literally) was […]

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The Best Smooth Cup Bra?

I have currently been on an assignment for one of my readers. This was my brief- I’m a 16E and I need a Smooth Bra to wear under a cream and black dress. With no requirements on straps or neckline so just a good shape, good lift and good support. She is going to a […]

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BRA REVIEW-Simone Perele

Andora Cost- $89.95 Lift- 6/10 Separation- 6/10 Quality- 6/10 Shape- 4/10 Material- 7/10 Appearance- 8/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- The cups cut across your breasts so you look like you have spillage when it’s actually the correct cup size. Giving you a double boob! Looked really good, promising the material is nice but sadly it stopped […]

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BRA REVIEW -Simone Perele

Avant Cost- $89.95 Lift- 5/10 Separation- 6/10 Quality- 6/10 Shape- 4/10 Material- 7/10 Appearance- 5/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- I thought that Simone Perele was going to bring it home for me! But sadly NO, very disappointed, the material was nice but this bra squashes your boobs and I hate that. I am not trying to […]

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BRA REVIEW -Fayre Form

Charlotte- Available in White, Toffee and Black Cost- $49.95 Lift- 5/10 Separation- 6/10 Quality- 4/10 Shape- 2/10 Material- 4/10 Appearance- 2/10   Bra Queen’s Comments- I read an article last week that was in the Herald Sun and it said that “Fayre Form has always been at the fore front of Larger Cup Size Bras.” […]

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BRA REVIEW- Playtex Deluxe Support

The beautiful Kate Ceberano models this range. It’s the 1st time Playtex have really given the whole Pretty Big Bras a crack. Close but no cigar, but cheers to you for trying! Your breasts don’t look as good as Kate’s, however even on Kate you can see that there is a little spillage in the […]

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