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Bra Review of the WONDERBRA

Could I have found the best strapless bra of ALL TIME? Well when I say strapless I mean strapless bra, backless bra, push up bra, halterneck bra, low back strapless and that’s not including the 95 other ways you can wear this bra. You can literally wear the Wonderbra 100 ways. I must say this […]

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Bra Review- Selmark’s Jemina

Jemina StraplessCost- $114.50Lift- 8/10Separation- 9/10Quality- 9/10Shape- 9/10Material- 9/10Appearance-9/10 Over All- 8.5/10 Bra Queen’s Comments-This is a lovely bra, really well made, well structured and for a strapless bra it’s surprisingly comfortable. This would be ideal for Bridal Lingerie! The only downside is- it’s only available in B Cups. However the positive in that is they […]

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Bra Review- Bras ‘n’ Things

BNT is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading lingerie stores, so how does their lingerie fair up with the rest? Most lingerie companies have two seasonal lines: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, then usually an ongoing line. Their bread and butter lines you might call them. Bras ‘n’ Things originally outsourced all of their lingerie, however […]

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Bra Review- A Super Push Up Bra, Eden.

  Cost- $100.05 Lift- 10/10 Separation- 10/10 Quality- 9/10 Shape- 10/10 Material- 9/10 Appearance- 9/10 Over All- 9.5/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- As you know I ALWAYS get asked about a great Push Up Bra and finally I can recommend one! This Push Up Bra gives your breasts the most beautiful shape and va va voom […]

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Bra Review- Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Push-Up Balconette Cost- $79.95 Lift- 8/10 Separation- 5/10 Quality- 9/10 Shape- 8/10 Material- 8/10 Appearance- 9/10 Over All- 6/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- I am ALWAYS asked about a good push up bra, so I am eager to find good ones. The quality of this bra was good and it did create a lovely […]

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Bra Review- Bendon

Surreal Cost- $44.95Lift- 4/10Separation- 4/10 Quality- 2/10 Shape- 2/10 Material- 3/10 Appearance- 3/10   Over All- 3/10 Bra Queen’s Comments-The tops of the cups are flimsy but not because that cup is too big but because there is just something not right with the mold of the bra. Damask Cost- $44.95 Lift- 4/10 Separation- 5/10 […]

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Bra Review- Pleasure State A to C Cups

BlondellCost- $134.95Lift- 9/10Separation- 4/10Quality- 9/10Shape- 4/10Material- 8/10Appearance- 9/10 Over All- 5/10Bra Queen’s Comments-The appearance and quality of this bra is just amazing however it is a bad shape, so I thumbs down from me. For $135- you should be getting a great shape. You have to wonder what it does look like on when you […]

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BRA REVIEW -Elle MacPherson A to D

Coranto Cost- $59.95 Lift- 3/10 Separation- 7/10 Quality- 3/10 Shape- 3/10 Material- 3/10 Appearance-3/10 Over All- 2/10 Bra Queen’s Comments-You can see nipple they are extremely small it looks like it was made for a 12 year old. Razzles Cost- $64.95 Lift- 7/10 Separation- 7/10 Quality- 4/10 Shape- 8/10 Material- 5/10 Appearance-6/10 Over All- 6/10 […]

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What Are the Best A to C Cup Bras?

For a long time my thought process has been that A to C Cups have an abundance of bras to choose from. Sadly I was wrong; yes they have literally 100’s of bras to choose from HOWEVER the quality and shapes are just as bad as their larger cup size sisters. I recently just embarked […]

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