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Lingerie For Introverted People

What does sexy look like to you? Sexy has many facets and lingerie is for every body. Ania, the head designer for Avocado Lingerie shares with us not only what sexy looks like for her, but also how we can use lingerie to express ourselves. (and no one needs to know)   A woman is sexy in a […]

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

“She’s going to be a model this one”  Growing up I was the “pretty” one, the one that was going to be famous. Everyone said it and everyone believed it, even me. It was just expected and for some people it still is. What they failed to mention is that “famous” isn’t a job and […]

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Do Lingerie Stores Discriminate Women?

So many businesses go safe route, but only the ones that are committed to making a change are at the forefront.     Imagine if you’re a woman who has never been able to walk into a department store or any store and buy a bra. With no luxury of having one the looks good, […]

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When Society Doesn’t Know Its Arse From It’s Elbow

… When did it become OK to look at another person and judge? … Do you realise the harshness of your words, your stare and your assumptions can lead to death?     Your insecurities that you put on other people is putting unnecessary and unwanted limitations and pressure on yourself and other people. It’s […]

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Finding Swimwear For My Massive Boobs

The pain, the anguish and the indecision of swimwear shopping can be brutal, especially when you’ve got ginormous bosoms like me. Since I gave birth to my eldest daughter nearly 9 years ago I can count on one hand how many times I have worn a swimsuit. So swimwear shopping for my Bali trip was […]

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Mainstream Media’s Epic Fails On Body Image

Advertising campaigns that belittle people and play on their insecurities just drives me crazy. Surely there is space where people can buy products or services without being made to feel crap about themselves. Surely we can sell from an inspired space that comes from love… or DO people actually only buy when they are in […]

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