21 March 16

ByeBra Review

Sometimes you just need to go braless, as far as we have come in the multiway bra department sometimes they just won’t cut it. There are quite a few breast tape options on the market; we recently took ByeBra for a whirl. ByeBra has been around since 2011, however is quite new to Australia.

We road tested and reviewed their breast tape for both smaller and larger cup sizes.

Sizes available A to F cups.

bra-tape-breast tape byebra

Our feedback from our fit models…

  1. They were really easy to put on.
  2. They felt nice to wear.
  3. They LOVED the shape they provided, a beautiful natural shape that gives lift.
  4. It remained supportive throughout the entire day.
  5. The reusable silicone nipple covers were a big hit!


So all in all the feedback from our fit models was really positive, for those times when you need an alternative to a backless bra, a strapless bra and a plunge bra.



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