4 June 10

Business Rockstar… Underwear of Sweden

Now you know me I never speak or write about businesses that I coach however this time I am going to make an exception to my rule. (I have their blessing)


I LOVE Rockstar businesses- The businesses who are open and ready to work hard.

One on one requires innovative and lateral thinkers that can actually keep up with me because I work at a million miles per hour. You also have to have a little bit of thick skin because it's hard for someone to come into your business and be totally honest with you... but that is what's required if you want to step into business awesomeville.

So away I go to work with Helene & Jonas of Underwear of Sweden and what an amazing 2 days... It is amazing how quickly you can take an already awesome business to out of this world.

We have come up with a series of strategies that will build brand awareness, a great affordable collection, a way for an Australian small business to help other small businesses. We really wanted to create maximum value for retailers and boy have we what... it is exciting times for Underwear of Sweden as they will spend the rest of 2010 rolling out a series of world 1st's for the Australian lingerie industry and I am so excited to be apart of it.

Now I can't tell you everything.... but I can tell you that Underwear of Sweden's new collection will be launched September 2010 and I will critique the bras BEFORE they go into production so women are guaranteed that the bras are a great shape and fit with optimum support, lift and comfort. Not only that we have come up with a way to put more money into retailers profit margin...how cool is that!

Watch this space

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