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29 September 11

Business & Retail With Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump

We hear two kinds of stories in Retail, the blow me down I am making a gazillion dollars I am fantastic stories and the oh my god the world is going to end its so terrible stories. There are all shades of grey in between that we don’t hear about.

There is no denying the world of retail as we know it is changing, the way we shop is changing, the way we market our businesses is changing and the economy is changing. It is crucial we change, move and grow with it. Believe it or not, once you surrender to what is and make some changes it really isn’t that hard and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Recently I had the pleasure of being in the same room as some business leaders and here are some ways you can boost your business and get your brand out there from their perspective.

  1. Robert Kiyosaki:- Author of RICH DAD POOR DAD
    and founder of the Rich Dad empire believes in a few vital fundamentals. He says “Wealth is in business and investing it’s not about being self employed. Avoid paying tax where you can (legally) by getting a fantastic accountant then asking him “How can I offset this”. This alone will give your business a major cash injection.” If you haven’t read RICH DAD POOR DAD
    it’s a MUST read and he has just launched a new book called MIDAS TOUCH: Why Some Get Rich-And Why Most Don't
    which he co authored with Donald Trump. The next crucial element to business success is featured in the image you see on the right. Start to think about whom you can align yourself with and create some magic. It could be a gym, an image consultant, a playgroup, a charity, a school or your Tupperware lady the trick is to be creative and think outside the square. For example I once worked with a Hair Salon and discovered the clientele had a particular car they liked to drive, so we created a fabulous joint venture with this particular car company and it was a very successful campaign for everyone.
  2. Tony Robbins will change your life! This man is incredible for both business and personal growth.  He talks about your state, your story and your strategy. If you change your state and your story then create a strategy you will find success. In other words know exactly where you are and where you want to go, then create a map to get there.

He says in business you must know the road ahead, for example:-

-          New competition

-          Change in technology

-          Change in culture

-          Change in the economy

-          Change in lives

-          Change in your employees lives

-          Change in your life stage

Tony Robbins will be in Australia next year if you can go, make it happen because he really is amazing. He also talks about the 7 crucial steps you must implement in your business which will be featured in this weeks newsletter so if you haven’t signed up, then do so because you don’t want to miss it.

3. Donald Trump- Believes in strong relationships “Show them respect but don’t always trust them”. You can have the worst product and a great marketing campaign that will beat a great product any day of the week. *cough cough Ahh bra* Donald also says “If you can’t handle the pressure, then go and work for someone else” he believes that the most important area of your business is sales, marketing and negotiating. Donald also thinks that “Retail is too hard and tough to make money in but if you do it right, you will and can make money.”

Something Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump said as well as all the other business leaders who attended said, the next 2 to 5 years in business is going to be time where you will either sink or swim so you need the MIDAS TOUCH: Why Some Get Rich-And Why Most Don't
to survive:-

    • Strength and character
    • Focus
    • F**k you (strong) branding
    • Strong Relationships
    • It’s little things you do




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