14 February 14

Build Your Lingerie Brand

The world needs your lingerie! Women want a variety in the lingerie they see in store and online, they want to feel like they are catered for, and they want to feel empowered. We want to help them create a better reality for themselves!

As a lingerie brand there are a lot of things you have to get your head around, making an amazing product that not only looks great but does what its suppose too. Build your brand; it’s hard to find retailers to stock your range if the public doesn’t know about you. To get exposure, access to retailers and creating a solid and sustainable business all in one place is quite massive but we believe that together we can make a difference.

The Lingerie Vault is a central hub for all lingerie entrepreneurs that will help them build brands, gain massive exposure, get business support and connect brands to retailers.

Over the 12 month period we have strategic marketing in place that builds your brand directly to the consumers and help you build a connection with retailers. It is proving to be an amazing opportunity for brands that want to expand into Australia and create more diversity in the lingerie market. It's a win win for everybody: Brands expand and make more sales, retailers create a collection that sells and women see more lingerie available to them.

Inside is:

  • Awesome Downloadable templates that you can use within your business
  • Downloadable content that you need on your site already written for you.
  • The ultimate resource centre at your fingertips, for everything you need in lingerie and business
  • Videos to engage, entertain and educate
  • Webinars to ensure you have the latest information
  • The latest in the lingerie industry A backstage pass to the latest
  • Discounts on ALL Bra Queen services

AND (Discounts apply if you have several labels, email for details)

build your lingerie brand


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