4 September 14

Your Breasts In A Multi-Way Bra


It is that time of year when we pull out our halter necks, strapless dresses and our other various necklines where “normal” bras just don’t cut it.

Depending on your bra size and shape a good multi-way bra can be hard to find. Let’s take you through the multi-way bras that are available. If you need help with you bra size and shape go here.

The Shapes

The Plunge Multi-Way Bra

Is of course your triangular shaped bra that is great for necklines that are a halter neck or criss-cross and also plunging necklines.

Best suited for close-set breasts and high set breasts. In saying that, they are handy to have in your lingerie drawer.

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Curvy Couture Bra

The Balcony Multi-Way Bra

Has rounded shaped cups, like a strapless bra.

They are perfect for wide set and low set breasts, the cups are positioned further apart making it so much more comfortable for you to wear.

masquerade multi way bra


Masquerade Multi-Way Bra


The Balconette Multi-Way Bra.

Now balcony and balconette’s are often called the same thing, even by manufactures. But to me they are slightly different and are best suited to different breast shapes. So I often talk about them as different bras.

I find them in between a balcony and a plunge, they have a “sweetheart” shape to them and they are awesome. I love balconette bras because most breast shapes can wear them.


Fine Lines Blessed Multi way bra

 Fine Lines Blessed Bra



Fine Lines, Curvy Couture, Freya and Ultimo all have a great selection and go up to H Cup. 


Enjoy Spring!

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