31 July 14

Brava Lingerie Open At Highpoint Shopping Centre

Australia’s Lingerie Specialist for D Cup and up, Brava Lingerie had their opening night for their new store in the Highpoint Shopping Centre. I went to for a sneak peak to check it out and immerse myself in all things D Cup and up!

The live models looked awesome! It was a great way to add movement and excitement to the store; it also gave it that sense of fun. When you’re in a shopping centre it can be really hard for an independent store to encompass and keep that warm, friendly and inviting feel that makes small business so great. But Brava has done a really good job and keeping that warm and friendly environment in the store. At the heart of the business are two women that are extremely dedicated to the customer experience and offering larger cup size women a wide range of the best bras available.

When I say “The best bra available, it has nothing to do with expense it means: well made bras that fit well, do their job and look good.” I actually noticed the price point is really good prices have come down a lot in larger cup sizes. Especially with Eveden brands (Freya, Fantasie and Elomi), I know they have worked hard to bring the price down to support Australian retailers.

What I like about Brava Lingerie, as much as I have noticed they have streamlined their lingerie collection much more than what they have in the past, because they know what works and what doesn’t. But they are constantly scouring the globe looking for new collections that aren’t in Australia. And for those who know me, will know that I am passionate about seeing diversity in our stores!

The fitting rooms are absolutely huge with seats and more lingerie you can browse through. The fits are spacious which is always good!

Overall I think they have done a great job and I do wish them well.


Brava Lingerie Highpoint


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Brava Lingerie

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