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13 February 12

High Set, Low Set, Wide Set, Close Set. Which Breast Shape are You?

Who would of thought there was so much to know about breasts beyond are they big or small!
Years ago it was so much simpler in the bra world; they were big or small and if you had DD breasts you had enormous boobs. Bra size didn't even really matter you just walked in had a look at the cups and thought "yep my boobs will fit in there" and your band size was whatever top size you wore. Easy.
Now we have the perfect bra size, everyday bras, t-shirt bras, sports bras, sexy bras, push up bras, full cup bras, balconette bras, balcony bras and hello it's not just your bra size but the bra shape? Now this is getting complicated! Let me explain...
The bra shape that suits you best depends on whether you have high set, low set, wide set or low set breasts. Who knew!

The distance between your forehead and chin is usually the distance between your chin and the top of your clevage.

If your cleavage is higher then the distance between your forehead and chin it means you have high set breasts.

If your cleavage is lower then the distance between your forehead and chin it means you have low set breasts.
NOTHING wrong with this and your breasts are not abnormal, it's just like most women have one breast bigger then the other.

Without a bra in look in the mirror and see....
1. If your breasts start/sit just under your armpits or is there a little space between your underarm and breast?
2. Also look at the space in between your breasts; is there no gap, a little gap or a bigger gap for example more the 2 cms?

If your breasts are sitting next to your underarm and if there is a large gap in between your breasts then you have wide set breasts. A key indicator to this is underwires always dig in under your arm.

If there is space between your breasts and your underarm and if there is no gap or a little gap for example around 1cm in between your breasts then you have close set breasts.

Balconette bras are great and some plunges; having high set breasts you run the risk of your boobs sitting under your chin or cutting you off so your body appears shorter in length. These bras are great as they will give you support and still allow you to wear V neck and scoop tops that will flatter your body.










Balcony bras are fab for you because the cups are designed to fit your breasts and they have longer straps because of the difference in shape. This will not only flatter your body shape but it will give you heaps better support.










Like low set breasts Balcony bras will work for you, it is common that if you have low set breasts you also have wide set breasts. The cups on Balcony bras on positioned wider or further apart then other bras therefore you will find balcony bras much more comfortable as the bra wont dig in under your arms.









Most bras are made for close set breasts so you can usually wear a few different shape bras. The best ones are balconette and full cup bras, bigger breasts may find that plunge bras will cause spillage because your breasts naturally want to fall in the middle giving you a double boob look. (They usually sit great when you first put them on then as the day goes on the creep into the centre.)

On the flip side you MUST know your bra SIZE as well!

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  • Jessie

    This makes so much sense! I’m definitely a low-wide girl, and have looked amazing in balcony bras in the past, but haven’t owned one in years and I haven’t come across many in my size range. Could you recommend any balcony styles that come in a 10FF/G? Thank you!

    • braqueen

      Hey Gorgeous!

      Doesn’t make it sooo much easier 🙂

      For sure try Mimi Holiday, Curvy Kate Tease me & Thrill Me, Freya’s half cup bras may work as well.


  • Hi Renee,

    Just reading your blog now, very informative. I just want to add some points from my fitting experience.

    For wideset breasts, I also recommend bras with side slings as these encourage forward projection rather than letting the “girls” slide towards the arms.

    I also found that with large busted ladies who are very full in the middle of the bust, i.e. not much space b/w each breast, high wired bras tend not to sit flush in the middle but sit out from the bust. So I’ve put them in bras with lower wires and that seems to solve the problem.


    • braqueen

      Great advice thanks Kathy! xxx

  • Tracie

    OK…… about low set breasts which spread right across my rib cage……..oh dear. ie they start under my arm pits and in the middle are close set. This causes issues for fitting usually because I require a big cup/wire size (D usually) but the compounding problem is that my breasts are low volume (barely a B in volume). This leads to by boobs pooling in the bottom of cups like liquid with the upper half of the cup unfilled. Blacony bras SEEM like the way out, but even then, I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t lead to spillage on the side. Help

  • Hi Tracie,

    I would try a balcony or a balconette, if you’re in Australia then they are usually the same thing however if you go to a store that has imported bras then they will have a better selection. Another option would be to get a balcony that fits the width (like a D cup) then get inserts or look for a padded balcony bra. Failing that you can get a custom made bra as well.

    Let me know how you go.


    • Tracie

      Thanks! I am in australia.. I would love a custom bra, but there does seem to be a lack of custom bra makers around this neck of the woods. The only one i found was a link on this site for a lady in Brisbane. I am in Melbourne. I suppose I could fly up :-/

      • Hi Tracie,

        Linda from Lindas Lingerie is coming down to Melbourne soon so send her an email or give her a buzz.

        Perfect timing 🙂


  • Jes

    I am so glad to have read your post. Very informative. 🙂

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