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21 January 15

Bras For Teenage Girls

When do teenage girls get fitted for their first bra?

What bras do they wear?

Do teenage girls need to wear an underwire bra? 

Depending on person the first bra fitting can be very daunting and often girls are very embarrassed to get their clothes off and let a complete stranger look at their breasts.

Firstly, if you are a teenager reading this, believe me we have seen it all and we don’t look at your breasts we are look at how the bra fits your breasts. Professional bra fitters should take the time and be mindful to understand how you’re feeling and take the time to make you comfortable when you’re getting your bra fitting.

Your breasts can grow really quickly or they may grow slowly over a period of time. Stretch marks are normal because your breasts are growing and your skin is adjusting, so don’t worry about it or you can use bio oil to reduce them.

I know when I was in the fits Mothers would be concerned about the large amount of “push up” bras and padded bras for teenagers. So the aim of this post is to give you an independent viewpoint around teenage girls bra fitting and bras that I like for teenagers.

Different fitters will recommend, suggest and advise on different things and this is what I recommend.

When do teenage girls get fitted for their first bra?

Every girl is different and I always say around an A cup or B cup, before that you can wear a crop top to support your breasts and give you more coverage around your nipple area.


Do teenage girls need to wear an underwire bra?

I recommend once you hit a B Cup start wearing an underwire bra, it may take some getting used to, so be patient because it will offer much better comfort and support.


Why are all teenage bras padded?

Note there is a difference between a moulded or contoured bra and a padded bra. A padded bra has extra padding at the base of the bra cup to enhance cleavage. While a moulded or contoured bra offers shape, comfort and support, usually teenage girls like them as they like extra coverage so their nipples don’t show.

What bras do they wear?

A couple of bras I like for teenage girls are


Bella Bodies Bras

They are non underwire, the material is extremely breathable and it gives great support, shape and they are so comfortable to wear (you’re Mum will want to steal them) They also smooth out over the nipple area so you won’t feel exposed at all.

bella bodies bamboo teenage bra

bella bodies teenage bra

Blossy Bloom

Reasonably new to the market and they cater for a large gap in the market, they have a delightful range of bras for young girls that are age appropriate. There is a bra for every girl’s personality, plain, pretty and everything in between.

blossy bloom teenage bras

blossy bloom teenage bra white

Moving Comfort

Teenage girls can still be very active and it’s important that they wear a sports bra when they are doing any sports or when they are active. They give them extra support to reduce bounce.

Moving Comfort are my favourite sports bras and they go up to an E cup, they are super comfortable and they give excellent support.

 moving comfort teenage bra

moving comfort teenage sports bra 2


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