12 December 11

What Happens In The Fits Stays In The Fits

It can be an extremely vulnerable experience when you get fitted for a bra; you’re exposing yourself to a stranger so it is completely understandable that some women really don’t enjoy the experience. However it is incredibly important that women do get their bra properly fitted by an expert as the benefits far outweigh being uncomfortable… a bit like a pap smear really. The reason for this post is to put your mind at ease.

So if I told you

  • We look at breasts all day long and I guarantee you that we have seen it all.
  • It’s common to have one breast bigger then the other, it’s less common to see someone who has the same sized boobs.
  • We don’t actually look at your body and we never judge
  • We don’t really look at your breasts we really only look at the bra and how it’s making your breasts look.

Some of the benefits of getting professionally fitted for a bra

  • It improves your posture
  • It is way more comfortable
  • You get better lift and support
  • Your bra will last you longer
  • Your clothes will fall nicer
  • It’s incredibly slimming

It’s well worth it, get fitted!

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  • Robert

    Love your analogy! But true! I agree, the benefits of a properly fitted bra,outweigh being uncomfortable. When you get fitted,it really does take the guess work right out of it.

    • So true Renee. As a fitter, we need to ensure that the bra being tried on is the right fit and gives the right shape and support. Buying the wrong bra usually means it sits in the drawer and is a poor investment in time and money.

      • braqueen

        That’s right, once we create a nice experience and find a bra that works for them that is priceless 🙂 Love your work xxx

    • braqueen

      I know its the first thing that come to mind 🙂 LOVE that you get it xxx

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