30 March 11

Bra Size Questions

Question: I am a bra size 10A (UK 32A) do I need to wear a bra?

Answer: Yes, I know you feel like you don’t need to wear a bra because you feel like there is nothing to support. However you still do have breast tissue that you need to support. I also find a lot of the time women think they are a 10A thinking it’s the smallest size however you may need to tweak your bra size. I always recommend you get professionally fitted for example you may find you’re a bra size 8B (UK 30B) or 6C (UK 28B). Look at a contoured or padded bra it will give you a nice shape under your clothes.

Itty Bitty Bra specialise in smaller cups so check out their lingerie collection.

There are no silly or stupid bra questions please email me if you have a lingerie question.

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