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18 June 12

Bra Shapes & Styles

Bras or brassieres come in different sizes, colors, designs and shapes. Since there are some outfit wherein the undergarment becomes visible, it is important to choose the best bra that will go well with your outfit. There are many online stores that offer luxury fashion bras and you can browse on their website to choose what you like. You can even check the images on their catalogue so that you'll have an idea of what to wear underneath your clothes of different style.

Some of the popular styles of bras that go well with fashionable dresses and tops are balcony bras, contour bras, convertible bras, demi-cup bras, longline bras, strapless bras and minimizer bras.

Learn more about these styles and know their perfect outfit partners:

1. Balcony Bras
Balcony bras are also known as balconette bras and it is ideal in supporting fine cleavage. This undergarment is perfect for blouses or dresses with lower neckline. If you are attending party and about to wear an evening gown, this would be the best choice.

2. Contour Bras
Contour bras are almost the same as molded bra only that contour bras have padding or lining supported by underwire. Its purpose is to hold the perfect shape with good coverage and control. It is the most suitable style when wearing fitted blouses or t-shirts. Contour bras ensure a smooth shape of the breast without highlighting the nipples. They can also balance the size and shape of breasts.

3. Convertible Bras
Convertible bras as the name imply can be converted into different styles as you wish. Also known as multiway bras these type of bra can be worn in numerous styles by playing around the bra straps such as halterneck, cross-over, strapless or the traditional style. Convertible bra is a must-have for every girl's wardrobe.

4. Demi-cup Bras
Demi-cup bras does not cover the entire breast so this is ideal for a sexier look when wearing clothes with plunging neckline.

5. Longline Bras
Longline bras are made to give women a smoother and slimmer figure. In some sense, it is almost like a corset. Longline bra is usually 3 quarters long and sometimes in full length. Fashionable styles are also available such as backless and lower back styles.

6. Strapless Bras
Strapless bras go well with different kind of outfit especially evening gowns, formal dresses and tops with wide-neck cut. They are available in different forms such as padded and push-up bras. As long as you're wearing the right size, you'll be confident wearing this kind of bra.

7. Minimizer Bras
Minimizer bras are perfect for full figured women since their cup size can be easily reduced by one or two. These type of bras smoothen and redistribute to projection of breast tissue to minimize  blous gap and improve clothe's fit. Minimizer bras are also designed with special molded cups to make full busts appear evenly and more natural.
Aside from these styles, there are also plenty of fashionable bras to choose from depending on your needs such as front close bras, sports bras, plus-size bras, push-up bras and more.

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