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10 January 11

BRA REVIEW Smart Memory Bra

I first heard of the Smart Memory bra a little while ago "The high-tech foam was originally developed by NASA in the 1960s to protect astronauts from the forces of gravity. It was even used in memory foam mattresses! Today, Lisca have utilised this ingenious technology so women can also enjoy the benefits of expanding heat-sensitive memory foam in the design of their Smart
Memory Bra."

To be honest I thought is was a little gimmicky and assumed it has little to know relevance for the consumer….you know actual everyday women.

When I was asked to review this bra I was excited to see what it would look like, feel like and would it do everything that it claims? This bra does it all;

  • The Smart Memory Bra pushes the breasts closer together
  • If your body temperature rises – an unexpected blush, a rise in libido – the bra responds too, naturally enlarging the breasts
  • When your chest area skin heats, cups relax to become incredibly soft and comfortable,
  • The Smart Memory Bra is also the perfect partner in your exercise regime
  • Post-workout, the memory foam cups simply resume their original shape.

Does the Smart Memory Bra do everything it says it does?

My bra review-

Cost- $74.90

Lift- 10/10

Separation- 10/10

Quality- 10/10

Shape- 9/10

Material- 10/10


Over All- 9/10

Bra Queen’s Comments- The material of this bra is divine, the mould there is nothing else like nothing on the market, it kind of feels like a latex bed how it moulds to your body. The bra gives you a beautiful cleavage that looks round and full. My models said “I couldn’t feel a change in shape and didn’t enlarge with body temperature” in saying that however they do make your breasts look around one cup size bigger regardless of the heat factor. They are extremely supportive, comfortable and the foam does absorb sweat well however from a bra fitter’s point of view I would always recommend you wear a sports bra while exercising as supportive as this bra is it is a plunge bra and you do need a full cup while exercising.

All in all I would highly recommend this bra its great value for money, a fantastic quality product and feels divine to wear.

Sizes available 10 to 18 and Cups A to D


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